Short hair perm: the latest fashion short black wigs hair perm achievements of the Department of the girls

2017 will be the trend of light familiar short black wigs  hair perm, instantly create intellectual, liberal and dignified Oriental woman image, and clothes collocation is fairly easy. What are the latest hair perm hair? To introduce a few new Cougar fashion suitable for light hair perm hair, beauty of the MM with a look.


The neck length, slightly outward roll, beautiful radian with smooth forehead, mature charm with popular arise spontaneously, give your hair color, fashionable appearance. Increase inward tail hair, long bangs drooping along the face a delicate, thin face, usually take care of convenient Korean, full range, a V – neck sweater on foot can take this a short black wigs hair perm taste collocation perfectly.


Liu Haihui and his younger, overall pay more attention to the treatment of the tail short black wigs  hair perm, increase hair heavy feeling, irregular and care looks a bit messy, lazy exudes light ripe. With thin bangs, top-down micro hot, more ancient flavor, let the skin become golden yellow hair color more white, healthy, moonfaced schoolgirl can consider oh.

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This is a focus on the fringe of hair perm, short black wigs hair in bangs from slowly to hot up, hair beautiful hair! Buckle inward, even if the face is instantly become small, know sexy and strong, very suitable for the workplace. Women to choose for your hair,

Still dislike the immutable and frozen black long straight? Go to burn curly hair extensions beauty!

Although a long time without introducing other perm perm, but still very hot, the perm to give people the feeling is completely different, that several other here all over the United States.


Buckle Qi Liuhai collocation curly hair extensions modified face, hair perm and add other slightly personality charm but also enhance sweet. Although the perm is not obvious, but with relatively simple. Through the eyes and hair with bangs and on both sides of a good-looking face modification, but also can add a sense of mystery, and hair design let the other rules more personality.


The same is long hair but the more messy curly hair extensions design, can give a person more visual impact, at the same time so that the face line is more slender, with suitable color ultra attractive. Long hair tail trim multi gradient plus level hair to create their own unique the charm, then straight oblique bangs and face is perfect. Xiu Yan Temple


Side long curly hair extensions perm makes more fluffy through other add gas field, but also in the visual repair face, let you easily become the focus of attention. The 19 points big bangs collocation perm enhance sweet beauty, let other asymmetrical design more chic, let the girl looks beautiful. Don’t, but also through the beautiful hair make skin more bright colors.


46 long bangs modified face and let other look more chic, and the tail level trim plus perm looks more unique, people feel super gas field. And the collocation of eyebrow oblique bangs long hair repair face effect super good, simple messy curls not only improve temperament, but also very personal charm, daily different hair have different feeling.

How to face modification bangs ? How to stay cheap human hair wigs ?

Bangs as the girls face job is an important part of how to achieve the modified face change one effect? For the first time the girl cut bangs, small as we provide the practical reference.Amber Valletta hair in 90s short bangs (about two to three inches) looks a bit edgy. Note that if you are. Not every day or blowing hair, the length is not suitable for you. If your cheap human hair wigs are short to no way around the comb, the fingers down directly on the line. Finally grabbed the dry point wax manufacturers like Joan Jett like texture.


Like any other “accessories”, should be able to highlight your bangs, rather than cover it. For a long face, bang  will make the face look more plump. If the face is round or square face, it is best not to bang eyebrows. If cheap human hair wigs are a heart-shaped face, that the right to decide on you: short bangs, long bangs or arched bangs are very suitable for you.


Every six weeks to do a professional bangs trim, if you want to do it yourself (we strongly not recommended), you must use professional hairdressing scissors on dry hair. A little pruning, cut no more it. Avoid cut into a straight line, the opposite can Liu Haining, the vertical scissors cut out precise lines. The geometry of Qi Liuhai, don’t let Liu Haicheng straight, or the hair is too thick. On the contrary, temples hair should be slightly longer than the middle half inch, showed an inverted U type. As for the most lovable length, from to the middle of May. The eyebrows eyelashes


For people who had never left the bangs, you can start from the other. Can be modified with different shapes, often do not need pruning, other is quite simple: if the cheap human hair wigs are straight and sprayed with water, dry with your fingers on the line. If the curly hair, with a small comb to comb hair down in the opposite direction and dry it. Such as hair after cooling, shifting to the right direction is complete. Roll bangs in the last century in 80s, and recently popular. Like Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance in flashdance> image. The key is to dry hair, natural state. As for other pruning, bang the hair down, with some styling gel. If one day you want straight hair effect, can use hair clip out mini plate.


Small forehead, bangs to long bangs start position best on the point. Both sides of the long, middle short bangs can help hide forehead bangs. The long process, will experience the awkward period of 4-6 weeks. The key is to go to the barber’s regular, let you into the two side of the hair bangs without the need of pruning length, ask the barber to Liu thin, do not appear “explosive” problem. Good hair is another option, Liu Haipian, in the corresponding position above the eyebrows on the card. This may not be more than you think. If some sexy long bangs to cover your eyes, that can be directly to Liu dial pinned to the top of the head, live on the line.

Want to feminine temperament? Choose wavy cosplay wigs hair.

Wavy cosplay wigs hair beautiful girls are so affected by love, not only because of its charming temperament and strong sense of the level of Amy, no other can outline the unique sense of fashion, you will love yo!


Beautiful girls are the other Hair Coloring will be more temperament, and the big wave of beautiful curling design plus points in the other image to let the girls become very bangs and lovable, giving a full of youthful vigor, delicate hair styling is all-match and classic good looks. The same beautiful dark brown hair styling this is, more add femininity. The modified design rich cosplay wigs soft facial lines, make people more beautiful and good-looking, fine bangs style collocation with whole wavy hair forming a unique sense of style, charm full of temperament.


46 partial bangs can outlines the girl most perfect face, and wavy hair fluffy hair design make more full three-dimensional, just perfect hair length also makes this hair styling more feminine, charming enchanting temperament at a glance, is really impressive! Stuffy blue Hair Coloring other overhangs but not exaggeration but, in the shoulder and short cosplay wigs forming a Chic wave sense, making people look cool and temperament, the amount of dew Hair Design for girls image more personality, all the details of the collocation can show unusual charming fashion.


The big wave of long cosplay wigs are beautiful, natural hair can always easily impress people, don’t play the bangs slightly curly hair full collocation design more charming and feminine style, the most special is the fine hair design also decorated the most delicate facial features! Wavy hair is not only charming also very unique repair  face lift effect, how can such a girl who doesn’t love hair?

2017 fashion trends announced, no hair long human hair wigs design simple atmosphere

Bob head slightly partial sense of Europe, refreshing no bangs design simple atmosphere, natural hair for Asians, elegant temperament. Face the necessary inner buckle wave head, long human hair wigs and bangs buckle BOB, pure temperament, small fresh style really seductive.


Adorable sister essential straight Bob head, bang bangs plus air full of BOB, while highlighting the lovely feeling. By age in the long hair girl try LOB head like this, half short design fashionable good-looking, S – Liu Haijia perm highlights the fashion temperament, suitable for mature women.

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The Korean girl bobbed hair, hair tail just to the shoulder for women of all ages, will all get bangs, Shucheng not obvious partial light ripe. Fashionable short straight as well as chic, neck long human hair wigs with wet hair, natural black hair color pure and handsome, in the wind seductive charm.


A woman is not suitable for short hair cut, then try this shoulder length hair, long human hair wigs tail just to the shoulder, collocation bangs repair  face thin, sweet and nice. Don’t lose a sense of art long hair perm, hair slightly leave some bangs, then make the partial collocation wavy hair very show temperament.

The air bangs costume wigs are out of fashion! Come and follow me

Although air bangs costume wigs are now the most popular female hairstyle, but if you don’t want to swim, you can try with lazy French Bang modelling, really make people see love! What is the French bangs? Actually French air bangs bangs and all have a common point, is very natural the elegant feeling, but the French are more casual bangs. The modern French bangs bangs style different pursuit of common planning neat, it bangs trimmed the density and curvature is very natural, not too smooth, but just to the length of the eyebrows, but does not block the eyes. It also has a very interesting literary name, called French Fringe (“the French side”). The biggest difference lies in the air and bangs it is a small triangular arc, and the air is arc shape. Liu


Sophie Marcesu >>>>> French actress Sophie has always maintained a lazy romantic French style, and so on. The costume wigs hair is fluffy and full bangs styling, and its French is the French woman bangs style unfolding, messy bangs Sophie also reveal a charming and confident female charm.

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Leiya – Saidu >>>>> want to see the movie “mission: impossible > friends and small series, the blonde” glamorous killer “Legna impressed. Very shiny hair costume wigs are very delicious, the French have a unique style collocation is more charming bangs by age, there arc bangs can repair Yan face, just perfect hair effect to bring out her elegant fan.


Dakota Johnson >>>>> for < fifty > degree of grey famous actress Dakota is French lover. She bangs sweet and noble temperament in foil bangs costume wigs hairstyles more personal charm, the same hairstyle can emit a variety of flavor, this is the charm of French bangs!

Women in the workplace and hair wigs for white women, super design force

Do not know what the reason, women in the workplace will give people a feeling of able, especially hair wigs for white women  collocation right, looks more crisp. Women and handsome hairstyle, you do not believe. Carve straight hair, give a person very capable of feeling. The super temperament of a lady in the workplace hair, to make people suffocation.


28 partial corn hot hair wigs for white women, gives people a playful feel. Very sexy women long hair perm, there is no personality to shoulder. In short hair, lob design, gives the flow fan more thick. The hair style and to do not have a there is a charm. After wearing sunglasses, cool to bestie can not recognize it.


In the design of more hair wigs for white women clasp, quiet and elegant, it is called the National People’s Congress Secretary style. Like good collocation air fringe. The fan of a hair design, capable and nice. The little waves curling hair, gives quite a lovely feeling.


A workplace short hair wigs for white women  super sweet, you should love. The little girl a hair design, let you young several years old. In the long hair, blowing in the breeze, do not have the charm of women. It is a professional hair style, excellent temperament. His eyes God, give people a feeling of cold.

Black long straight hard to take care for hair can also learn to become young

The girl for hair persistent people may be difficult to understand, after all, the face is beautiful,Care for hair is not good-looking also make people feel very disappointed. Summer hair what shall we do? Take a look at what the experts say. We all know that in general longer hair to care, nutrition is very difficult to reach the roots, what is the reason? The original hair also has its own “age”. For example, a long hair has 5 years left, so hair “age is 5 years old, out of the new long hair is 0 years old. So, your hair is long, the age is bigger. Except the hair’s natural aging outside and it will also affect the health of aging. Don’t think grandma’s hair than their” old “and” young “more than you.


Just a long out of the care for hair health is generally good, in the electron microscope, it is covered with a layer of scaly flake (known as hair), neatly arranged, closed tightly. So the hair can be said to be “young”. Look at the hair, the hair scale began there are scratch marks, then loose, tilt, separated from each other. The more close to the position of the hair cuticle is more obvious, some even completely stripped, let the hair cortex exposed, these “aging” emerge.


And to the care for hair root, hair cuticle completely missing. As our hair surface protection layer, missing after the hair will begin to appear dry, feel rough, dull, or even fracture. Usually, the surface of the hair of healthy young is not charged, and damage to the hair surface treatment of negative charge of aging, it can explain why during the dry season, your hair is always static, because you care enough about it!


If you are now in the weight loss state, found his hair loss is serious, but that’s normal, because of the lack of certain nutrients (zinc, protein etc.) will cause hair loss. Fragile, easily broken, green leafy vegetables, carrots, beans, can enhance the head skin cutin layer, make scalp and care for hair are more health. The hot water will make the cuticle open, shampoo in nutrition before, the cuticle closed all washed away, nutrition is not absorbed. And the hot water will take away a lot of sebum, make hair shiny natural skin cream is you washed away, your hair do not do it?


The swimming pool chlorine with sweat, scalp reaction generate chloramine, let the care for hair becomes yellow, dry, rough. If the hair has these symptoms, you can use the balance of PH products to repair the hair. The hair is regardless of the overheating of the water or wind are very sensitive, will let the hair dry yellow do not say also, hair loss. Even if do not use hot wind blowing, the low hot air can be, in the blowing before can be coated with a little hair conditioner, increase the protection of hair. To say let you put an end to Hair Coloring basic is impossible. But if the dye exaggerated or light colored hair color, hair damage is great. Bleach in the hair to stay longer more likely to burn the scalp, may also cause allergic reactions.

If you don’t have a good look, you can improve your temperament by using real hair wigs

Into the salon, when pruning a hair, the real hair wigs stylist will recommend every kind of perm hair for you, want to pick a real love of the other, can choose their own after to confirm with the stylist to get out of the perm effect should be better. Today is to bring you a 2017 popular perm hairstyle. Although a long time without introducing other perm perm, but still very hot, the perm to give people the feeling is completely different, this several other here now are super beautiful.

The eyebrow and oblique bangs collocation in long curly real hair wigs repair Yan effect super good, simple messy curls not only improve temperament, but also very personal charm, daily hair different have different feeling. 46 points long bangs modified face and let other look more chic, and the tail level pruning plus perm it looks more unique, people feel super gas field. 19 big bangs collocation perm enhance sweet beauty, let other asymmetrical design more chic, let the girl looks beautiful. Don’t, but also through the beautiful hair color, make skin more bright.

Side long curly real hair wigs perm makes more fluffy through other add gas field, but also in the visual Xiu Yan face, let you easily become the focus of the public. In the long hair tail trim multi gradient plus level hair to create their own unique charm, then straight oblique bangs and face is perfect. Xiu Yan Temple long hair tail trim multi gradient plus level hair to create their own unique charm, then straight oblique bangs and face is perfect. Xiu Yan Temple

Through the eyes and real hair wigs with bangs and on both sides of a nice modified face, but also add a sense of mystery, and the design of irregular shape to perm more personality. Buckle bangs collocation long hair wigs  modified face, hair perm and add other slightly personality charm but also enhance sweet. Although the perm is not obvious, but take care of is relatively simple.

2017 spring and summer real hair wigs for white women collection allows you to finish the Valentine’s day in the United States

Adorable sister essential air bangs big real hair wigs for white women, brown all-match fashion, a thin skin white and bangs with health, a very significant girl sense a new hairstyle. Adorable sister essential air big bangs long hair, brown all-match fashionable, a thin Liu Haichen skin white and healthy, obviously feeling the girl a hairstyle in the long hair. How nice? After the thin bangs, hair cut broken point showing a sense of hierarchy, with the hair look more natural.



South Korean woman short bangs style, arc shaped short bangs personality suction eye, increase air sense with straight real hair wigs for white women will not seem old-fashioned. Feminine long hair perm hair, long hair over the shoulder in the tail beam hot roll, scattered over the shoulder mature woman. Suitable for spring and summer hair type, air bangs modified large forehead, let Bob sweet age do not say, is also very thin.


Short straight hair shoulder, in real hair wigs for white women for three-dimensional facial features of girls, plus the caramel color sweet suction eye, weakening in the stiff feeling like.2017 to fire LOB head no, shoulder length hair, involute, in no bangs design fresh and natural, intellectual art fan er.


A simple short wave real hair wigs for white women head with deep chestnut, build out of the ordinary fashion, 37 oblique bangs asymmetry on the vision, let you from the other to the temperament between the intellect.

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