2017 the latest wave of classic short layered bob hairstyle fashion and temperament

Wave hair always gives a fresh boundless feeling, also is a classic female hairstyle, let’s look at some fashionable and temperament of the new wave head. The design effect of wave head hair into the curly perm, the hair can be successfully transformed into a single elegance charm..


Bob is the most common a short hair style, however, this is not like a wave head, the hair can make the egg roll hot style became fashionable, with golden hair color immediately become sweet girl fan full. This is a buckle short wave head, then add a tail the fashion can be bent, with no bangs design, lotion and facial beauty, Beixian, winter and turtleneck collocation more fashionable.1


Strong woman should love this short wave head, partial design + big hair perm, not only strong woman sense and retro feminine, natural black and red lipstick collided, very amazing. Is a fluffy sense of the short wave perm, bangs buckle + Alice tail combination, make waves the head of the degree of relaxation, retro in a sweet feeling, a hair color is more fashionable suck fine.


Like the tail slightly curled wave head is quite a range of children, burn a small volume and good care to add fashion sense, catch the air fresh and sweet bangs, and then make-up, you can go out to wave. The short wave head slightly decadent feeling is out of the ordinary, messy sense of style play make a sleepy head temperament, in thin hair more fashionable, tail volume also add some playful sense of it.