A variety of men’s short wigs recommend fun with your various fashion style

Want to have a new hairstyle and don’t want to run a salon? Want to transform different shapes but is afraid of trouble? Well, a top quality  short wigs can you solve these troubles, you see today editor recommended 9 season’s most popular fashion cosplay wigs, no effort to help you a handsome hair every day, let you easily walk forever in the forefront of the trend.

Fluffy layered high hair cosplay wigs, can increase the number of height and shape moment, full sense, and the wine red color is even more striking, the people are overbearing. This short black straight hair supple, close to the facial contour, 37 points with bangs to face handsome, give a person a cool cool feeling, suitable for boys. This character is introverted overbearing president black hair short wigs , soft layered shape, creating mature feeling, bangs blowing upward setting exposed smooth forehead with full confidence, calm eyes, hOLd live in a variety of occasions when absolutely no problem.

One of the most popular men’s hair, is this Korean in separately now. To the sides divide evenly bangs, make the face contour effectively lengthen, while giving the feeling of vitality of the sun, necessary money Oh. The metrosexual man wig to head two The edge of the hair blowing in the middle, making a fluffy feeling, make hair short wigs more plentiful, suitable for a flat head boy, lively style and fine bangs, boys can also very cute.

This hairstyle hair cosplay wigs  soft and natural, without too much modification with more not artificial, give a person a kind of gentle and comfortable, suitable for refined and cultured boys, very warm feeling. This man in short wigs Soft docile, 46 long bangs slightly over his eyes bring mystery behind Zhaqi small braid, with handsome face, a kind of artist’s breath. This type of short streets arise spontaneously in order to focus on the central head fluffy finely shape, a clean face, the overall feel smooth and clean, collocation of recreational sports attire, was young and handsome. This fluffy feeling is obviously other dynamic and energentic, fine oblique bangs young and energetic, as bright as the sun shining golden can let you become the focus of the crowd.