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The air bangs costume wigs are out of fashion! Come and follow me

Although air bangs costume wigs are now the most popular female hairstyle, but if you don’t want to swim, you can try with lazy French Bang modelling, really make people see love! What is the French bangs? Actually French air bangs bangs and all have a common point, is very natural the elegant feeling, but the French are more casual bangs. The modern French bangs bangs style different pursuit of common planning neat, it bangs trimmed the density and curvature is very natural, not too smooth, but just to the length of the eyebrows, but does not block the eyes. It also has a very interesting literary name, called French Fringe (“the French side”). The biggest difference lies in the air and bangs it is a small triangular arc, and the air is arc shape. Liu


Sophie Marcesu >>>>> French actress Sophie has always maintained a lazy romantic French style, and so on. The costume wigs hair is fluffy and full bangs styling, and its French is the French woman bangs style unfolding, messy bangs Sophie also reveal a charming and confident female charm.

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Leiya – Saidu >>>>> want to see the movie “mission: impossible > friends and small series, the blonde” glamorous killer “Legna impressed. Very shiny hair costume wigs are very delicious, the French have a unique style collocation is more charming bangs by age, there arc bangs can repair Yan face, just perfect hair effect to bring out her elegant fan.


Dakota Johnson >>>>> for < fifty > degree of grey famous actress Dakota is French lover. She bangs sweet and noble temperament in foil bangs costume wigs hairstyles more personal charm, the same hairstyle can emit a variety of flavor, this is the charm of French bangs!