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oval face can master all cosplay wigs hairstyle ,Will choose is the key

Face is always envied face, a face is very consistent with the public aesthetic. The face hair for what? In fact, such a beautiful face collocation what hairstyle can appear beautiful. Following editor introduce you 9 face for cosplay wigs hair.

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This is the long hair wigs  collocation face, can show the girls face delicate, hair pieces  partial side, a small amount of fat into the ear, his whole face and delicate facial features, cosplay wigs  hair loose curled, delicate and with a sense of fashion.This side of the hair is also very suitable for seeds of mm, one side of a small amount of fat into the ear, showing good hair  wigs in the face, ears curled, with dark brown, with a mature beauty.The shoulder :shoulder straight hair is also very suitable for face, Liu Qi can not block the slightly inclined dial, eyebrows, hair natural phi, suitable for campus mm, is very pure.



This shoulder hairstyle is more suitable for hair volume mm, hair slightly biased, revealing the full length of cosplay wigs hair and shoulders, hair tail slightly hot buckle and fluffy, looks more lively.wigs type of hair fashion sense, slightly oblique bangs can dial, show a little bit of forehead, the hair on one side into the ear, a good-looking face, hair fluffy and hot buckles.This is Bob sweet, Liu Qi is thin, very slightly bent, peeped out the forehead, hair fluffy Weijuan, a good-looking face.

cosplay wigs

The cosplay wigs  hair is handsome, bangs cut short repair bangs, exposing the eyebrows, hair began to curl from a part, slightly messy and fluffy feeling, collocation jeans, looks very handsome.This hair style is also very suitable for melon girl, oblique bangs exposed forehead, upper part is soft docile, hair hot Weijuan, slightly fluffy.Long straight hair volume and thick face mm is very suitable for this hairstyle, thick bangs slightly inclined dial, natural straight down the tail showing good-looking face, involute, sweet show quiet temperament.




How to face modification short hair with bangs ? How to keep good.

Modified face like any other “accessories”, should be able to highlight your bangs, rather than cover it. For a long face, bang Liu Qi will make the face look more plump. If the face is round or square face, it is best not to bang eyebrows. If it is a heart-shaped face, that the right to decide on you no short hair with bangs, long  hair with bangs or arched bangs are very suitable for you.Pay attention to the maintenance of every six weeks to do a professional bangs trim, if you want to do it yourself (we strongly not recommended), you must use professional hairdressing scissors on dry human hair extensions. A little pruning, cut no more it. Avoid cut into a straight line, on the contrary can Liu Haining turn, vertical scissors cut out precise lines.


For beginners: side bangs bangs bangs had never left the people, you can start from the other. Can be modified with different shapes, often do not need pruning, other is quite simple: if the real hair  wigs is straight and sprayed with water, dry with your fingers on the line. If the curly wigs  hair, with a small comb hair down in the opposite direction the comb and  human hair extensions. So after cooling, shifting to the right direction is completed.Drama: short hair with bangs and messy Amber Valletta in the 90s short bangs (about two to three inches) looks a bit edgy. Note that if you are a hair or not every day blowing hair, the length is not suitable for you. If your hair is short to no way around the comb, the direct your finger down on the line. Finally grabbed the dry point wax manufacturers like Joan Jett like texture.


The traditional long straight bangs: the geometry of Qi Liuhai, don’t let Liu Haicheng straight, or the human hair extensions  is too thick. On the contrary, temples real hair wigs  should be slightly longer than the middle half inch, showed an inverted U-shaped. As for the most pleasing length from the eyebrows to the middle eyelashes can be.Roll bangs should pay attention to roll bangs in the last century in 80s, and recently popular. Like Jennifer Beals in “flash dance> Flashdance in the image. The key is to dry  hair pieces, natural wigs state. As for other pruning, bang the hair down, with some styling gel. If one day you want straight hair, can clip in hair extensions out mini hair plate.



Adjust the forehead forehead words, as far as possible long bangs, bangs can best start position on the point. Both sides of the long, middle short bangs can help hide a large forehead.Gracefully awkward period long bangs in the process, will experience the awkward period of 4-6 weeks. The key is to go to the barber’s regular, let bang into your hair on both sides. Without pruning length, ask the barber to Liu thin, do not appear “explosive” problem. Use the human hair  extensions ornament is another a choice, Liu Haipian, in the corresponding position above the eyebrows on the card. This may not be more sexy than you think it. If Liu Haichang to cover your eyes, it can direct the bangs to the top of the head dial, pinned to live on the line.


Try false bangs if still can’t decide, you can try a wig. Hair pieces  effect is very vivid, if you don’t say maybe nobody can find. Don’t choose synthesis (which means strange gloss and hardness), and to choose a hair piece made of real hair to  real hair wigs . To the barber shop, please make the barber trimmed and dyed the same middle short on both sides, so you can cover the true, false hair over the part. Before the clip on the hair piece, comb hair clip and spray some spray. After, with her hair wigs for women  covering the top layer, the effect of the more a seamless heavenly robe.