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The best way to bring cosplay wigs, safe and beautiful.

First of all, they have wrapped good hair, clean, with the clips fixed.Cosplay Wigs Party (WIG) on the back of the order of the belt, the first with his forehead to the front of the wig to counter, and then pull the wig back, to cover all their human hair wigs.Finishing hair. Check the dew on the outside of the hair wigs  is also included.Comb wig. Adjust the wig around the front and back, especially pay attention to the position of the ear, and then comb it with a comb.Upset the hair. Hair wigs spray on hair, the hair with his hand arbitrarily grasp chaos, looks more natural.



How to wear the  cosplay wigs ]: [collect his hair off, and improve hair wigs  type. Girls can jump directly to the next point:The hair is divided into four areas, respectively, with a rubber band tied at the back of the head at the flat, then the four beam close to the scalp hair clip in human hair extensions with black in a clockwise rotation mode, it can improve the original flat head into a convex head; (of course hair and a lot of different income method, here. Just introduce the a) to furdiburb clip head in the hair, avoid the hook to the wig net; then sprayed with hairspray let hair line around the hair down;

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[network]: the effect of wearing a hair hair are wrapped in a wig, let more stick head. Key points: front to back to wear, ahead was relatively low, and then slowly pull back, so as to ensure that there is no trace of hair at the hairline. The hands holding a set of hair temples, beginning worn on the head, should be a little nearer the front when the microscope has been put on, and then his hands on the head, the hair cover moves back to the right position so far.

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[wig]: shift of law key points: 1 (human hair extensions) to remove the hair, comb, spray anti frizz agent. The nylon wire must use steel comb or comb cosplay wigs! Can’t spray styling products! The wig caught two temples (front lace wig) — if the head check don’t put the empty wig is not good-looking, can put the ear clip two clamps the finishing line of hair, sideburns and line.

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Cosplay wigs trim note.

Cosplay wigs pruning attention, because the cartoon characters in hair style is unique, so in cos when we often come into contact with a wig. And store wigs are relatively common hair, if you want to reproduce the characters of the animation works the hairstyle, still need to carry out a two trim on the wig. Then, in the wig pruning what issues need attention? Today and everyone together to find out.



If you want to trim the  cosplay  wigs  beautiful and stylish, it is best to hire the barber to help trim. Of course if their methods are confident enough, you can try their own treatment at home, but the effect is not guaranteed. The following mentioned considerations are based on professional barber start pruning, we provide suggestions in the form of next to, we can refer to.



Please bring your own hair  wigs scissors: because the wig is very hurt scissors, if you use the barber’s own scissors, it is easy to cause damage to the barber’s tools.(two) please prepare role front, side, back clear big picture: if there are no pictures, only by mouth and the barber, he did not watch the anime is not necessarily able to understand what we were saying, so cut out the effect will not be satisfied.(three) in Haircut before, please reserve more than the role of the length of the cosplay wigs hair.(five) please make sure that the amount of the wig is enough: the hair is different due to the difference of the brand.


Simple understanding of the shoulder hairstyle hair Korea girl in fashion cosplay wigs hair style

Simple intellectual Qi shoulder cosplay wigs hair style, the design of the ultra short hair outline the chic fashion sense, refreshing dew  human hair extensions  outline of the incomparable fashion sense, perfect.The temperament of the side of curly wigs hair, hair and face temperament in exquisite design outline of individuality and fashionable side, flaxen  hair wigs for black women  looked quite personality.Korean girls real hair wigs  3 face and temperament in hair segments to create a personality and fashion side, and hair  wigs design with long curly  wigs hair bend out of unique style.

Quite a strong woman fan fashion long hair wigs  hair, using a gradient bend out of unique style.Looks special character of a side of cosplay wigs  hair, and dark brown perfect bend out of fashion, to create a unique fashion and sexy.Design a fashion long curly hair, long hair and partial in the perfect outline of fashion and personality on the temperament, wave styling stylish atmosphere.


Sweet air bangs and long curly wigs  hair temperament outline chic fashion, fashion flaxen  hair wigs  color is quite sexy, lazy fan full.With long curly hair hair color stuffy, shawls create individuality and fashion side, collocation hat bend out of individuality and fashion side, long human hair  wigs for white women natural personality.Fine long curly  wigs black hair bend out of fashion, design and refreshing dew amount of hair to create a personality and fashion side, gentle and very touching.

Cos master to teach you how to take care of the experience and skills of Cosplay wigs

Wig for a period of time, must be cleaned, today cos master to teach you how to take care of cosplay wigs.


Before the  cosplay wigs1 washing must take the wig,  real hair wigs comb smooth (open up gradually from the tail comb, otherwise it may damage the human  hair  wigs . 2 hat wig will in turn, take proper amount of moisturizing shampoo into the warm water (20 degrees Celsius) mixing evenly, put a wig in water for 5 minutes and gently rub with clean. Rinse with water.3 apply conditioner pour warm water stir, then soaked in water for 10 minutes after the hair rinse, towel gently 4 drops of water, or the water gently shake the natural hair combed backward, placed in ventilated place to dry naturally. 5 hair wigs out when completely dry hair wigs.




Tips: different  cosplay wigs materials have different considerations, chemical fiber silk real  hair wigs can’t be washed in hot water, with a hair dryer or other tools can not be stereotyped, do not place in direct sunlight exposure; real hair  wigs dryer available slightly stereotypes, available net net hair, in order to increase the sense of fluffy (long hair) of; fibrils and real hair mixed available detergent instead of shampoo cleaning.



Many people wear a wig but do not know how to collect, put in the wardrobe, a long time will become irritable, put in the bag for a long time on the deformation, buy a dummy head price is too expensive, how to do? Here to teach you a good way, as long as a few dollars you can get.1 can buy a smooth rubber ball sports place to sell, about their head size almost on the line. 2 then find a three plate or wood, both with 502 glue together, as long as not wearing a wig to homemade “models” on a set, which is convenient and simple. 3 if you want to make your model more perfect with cosplay wigs, can DIY painted a lovely facial expression, what can, the homemade “model” dress up, will add a lot of fun.


there have high quality and best cheap human hair wigs for black wome

Both men and women can grow long hair – the current norm is for men to cut theirs shorter   wigs for black women  , but it’s not obligatory.Sometimes she can, sometimes she needs a little assistance.Wendy Carlos is a trans woman with natural hair, and she looked very beautiful a while back…



Choose your best high quality human hair wigs by category and brand with guaranteed . Here I have mentioned to full lace hair wigs for women. Human hair wigs have come to be exceptionally well known right now and you will notice that more and much more males and women are wearing wigs foe black women .Check this video and search in google after putting this top 10 hair wigs, you will find your best wigs.


I do believe that old women are also can be beautiful. They can also restyle their hairstyles by using wigs in different types. Different styles of wigs   for black women are worn by women of every  think It’s for young girls? Old women ca also try this kind of  wigs be more fashion.


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