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2017 fashion trends announced, no hair long human hair wigs design simple atmosphere

Bob head slightly partial sense of Europe, refreshing no bangs design simple atmosphere, natural hair for Asians, elegant temperament. Face the necessary inner buckle wave head, long human hair wigs and bangs buckle BOB, pure temperament, small fresh style really seductive.


Adorable sister essential straight Bob head, bang bangs plus air full of BOB, while highlighting the lovely feeling. By age in the long hair girl try LOB head like this, half short design fashionable good-looking, S – Liu Haijia perm highlights the fashion temperament, suitable for mature women.

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The Korean girl bobbed hair, hair tail just to the shoulder for women of all ages, will all get bangs, Shucheng not obvious partial light ripe. Fashionable short straight as well as chic, neck long human hair wigs with wet hair, natural black hair color pure and handsome, in the wind seductive charm.


A woman is not suitable for short hair cut, then try this shoulder length hair, long human hair wigs tail just to the shoulder, collocation bangs repair  face thin, sweet and nice. Don’t lose a sense of art long hair perm, hair slightly leave some bangs, then make the partial collocation wavy hair very show temperament.