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How can I know if my cosplay wigs are real hair wigs or synthetic?

It has 100% hair perm, dyeing can be repeated, other, generally on the wig very demanding customers to choose 100% real hair  wigs   are  more appropriate, but really not easy to tie, use for a long time, of course, the price is very expensive, how to tell you buy  cosplay wigs is not really 100%?



Here is how to distinguish the step of the synthetic  cosplay wigs:

Choose a small strand of hair to burn out, first is the smell, the real hair wigs are barbecue flavor, add the taste is a plastic heat-resistant wire are easy to identify.Check after burning ashes, crushed into powder is the real cosplay wigs , there is added the caking of wig heat-resistant wire.



The highest temperature heat-resistant wire is 180 degrees -200 degrees, so you can choose a wisp of hair clip with the straight rod with volume or the maximum temperature of 220 degrees Celsius heat straightening or bending, burnt is a heat-resistant wire namely, no coke paste is the cosplay wigs hair.