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Short hair perm: the latest fashion short black wigs hair perm achievements of the Department of the girls

2017 will be the trend of light familiar short black wigs  hair perm, instantly create intellectual, liberal and dignified Oriental woman image, and clothes collocation is fairly easy. What are the latest hair perm hair? To introduce a few new Cougar fashion suitable for light hair perm hair, beauty of the MM with a look.


The neck length, slightly outward roll, beautiful radian with smooth forehead, mature charm with popular arise spontaneously, give your hair color, fashionable appearance. Increase inward tail hair, long bangs drooping along the face a delicate, thin face, usually take care of convenient Korean, full range, a V – neck sweater on foot can take this a short black wigs hair perm taste collocation perfectly.


Liu Haihui and his younger, overall pay more attention to the treatment of the tail short black wigs  hair perm, increase hair heavy feeling, irregular and care looks a bit messy, lazy exudes light ripe. With thin bangs, top-down micro hot, more ancient flavor, let the skin become golden yellow hair color more white, healthy, moonfaced schoolgirl can consider oh.

human hair wigs for white women3

This is a focus on the fringe of hair perm, short black wigs hair in bangs from slowly to hot up, hair beautiful hair! Buckle inward, even if the face is instantly become small, know sexy and strong, very suitable for the workplace. Women to choose for your hair,

In the short black wig in the simplest of the buckle in autumn and winter this year, you will fall in love with which one?

In the long hair in this length can be said to be the best, most love young women, just enough to put the tail in the chest, after changing the color increase air turned mature big sister, but at the same time without losing the sweet beauty. In the long hair of the most simple buckle hair, no matter how long is your hair or something after all, in the buckle are extremely soft, add a little sense of hair looks thin. A long hair girl, hair or long hair short black wig to stay, is the most classic points, in the long hair + wave volume, elongated face without losing the charm, so very popular with the young women welcome. Also in the long hair, the volume when a little more suction eye, exaggerated large chestnut brown hair color collocation, fashionable sexy yet sweet beauty.

short black wig

Partial all-match facial asymmetry, partial shape can be said to be all-match any face, plus the moment in the winter with remarkable face is small, more charming. Natural black + dew volume design, fresh temperament, low-key yet stylish feel, a clean face is more suitable for the Department of pure temperament OL. long straight hair short black wig , the tail can cut neatly also can have some sense of hierarchy, with a small round face, pure and moving.

short black wig1

Big fluffy curls the breath of winter, give a person a kind of fluffy hair   short black wig like cotton candy sweet tender feeling, cure second adorable sister. Air bangs + water ripple perm, Xiaobian recommended a long hair perm hair, hair color collocation warm color corrugated looks no significant old gas can, can also be very fashionable art. Love straight? Then you can try gradient coloring, like this woman on the basis of flax gold highlights a rose gold, looks sweet girl.

short black wig3

The hair is too long to seem inflexible and old-fashioned, slightly shorter in the long hair short black wig  is not more and your mind? The hair is not short, but it is also very easy to take care of, pure age. Simple and refreshing hair style, shoulder length hair slightly inner buckle made of sweet fresh pear head, though with the same. Significant activity. A Korean big hair, fluffy bangs hair + micro sweet air suction eye, dark hair was thin and pure.