Good cosplay wigs hair perm hair fashion all-match temperament

Now type in 2017, believes that many girls cosplay wigs  ready to change your hairstyle, editor to tell you today oh, the best selection of a suitable for your hair Oh, here is the small series for short control girls recommended several good hair perm hair, all-match fashion temperament.

Short haired girls, usually how to take care of the hair? This dark colored hair, dry  cosplay wigs  hair, revealing a sweet smile, fashion even more temperament .A dark gray coat, with a dew on the forehead of the design of the fluffy hair perm hair, white face, highlighting the full range of literary and artistic temperament


Face the girls for what kind of cosplay wigs  hairstyle? This exposed forehead hair design buckle white hair, ruddy face, fashion Xiu Yan more by age. This is a roll of hair perm hair very short hair micro control girls who love Qi Liuhai, white face, repair face  more fashion.

This is a very suitable for girls face hair fluffy perm cosplay wigs  hair, bangs also intend to design bangs,  Looks young  more tender .