How to take care of the cosplay wigs usa, tips to share:

The wig change may be due to hard frizz caused by improper use of care. Analysis: long time not care caused by hard cosplay wigs usa  frizz. Suggested special wig liquid nursing, and can prevent electrostatic. Pollution caused by hot, not hot to wig is dyed. Pulling damage of wig structure, processing method hair knotted or curled, do not pull hard. Steam steam steam can not use hot towel, then slowly carefully combing.Don’t usually wear when on the set of models. Care and maintenance: try not to close to the high temperature, because the wig materials is not high temperature (except specified for high temperature wire the chemical fiber wig).


Can not be stained, if need pruning can ask a professional hair stylist trim finishing. Combing action should be light. Wig before use should be combed, wearing a wig comb can be a little later In the general selection. Comb wig sparse comb comb wig as well, should apply the method of oblique lateral comb, not straight comb, and action should be light. Do not use hair cosplay wigs usa clips. In order to prevent the wig off, some people love with a barrette wig. However, hair can not be too exert oneself.Otherwise, the net easy to hook the bad wig. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, can be used in the decoration of the hair on the wig with hair fixed.

In the process of wearing a finishing a small amount of hair loss is a normal phenomenon. Usually don’t wear it in the original packaging, to bring the light look back to the original image rejection. The wig is tied up, but not too high a day or below their real hair cosplay wigs usa will run out. When a long wig comb wig will be divided several long, from the bottom to the comb, must be light, to be patient. If false Long hair knotted bad hair when do not pull hard, should be sprayed with non oily liquid maintenance special wig and gradually open. Careful geography pay attention not to spray gel in the wig, styling pomade like this will make use of real hair wig becomes sticky. The use of non oily liquid wig special maintenance (the use of the method is very simple: take before gently spray some in the wig can) the wig become smooth and shiny can prevent static electricity, so wig kept moist state just as when to buy back the same.


Wig cleaning: as far as possible not to close to the high temperature, because the material false hair is not resistant to high temperature. Most of the false hair can be dyed, if need pruning can ask a professional hair stylist trim finishing. False hair is generally about 1-2 months. Washed 1 times with cold water or warm water to clean, when washing with normal The shampoo OK the conditioner can meet the general clean. False hair cosplay wigs usa  as far as possible not to use the hair dryer, hot wind dry, use dry towel gently dry hair off the excess water and put the ventilation to avoid direct sunlight caused damage to the false hair. After washing the hair should not immediately sort out false etc. false hair dry out later. The use of fake hair comb (special store sale price range) can not use the plastic comb hair. Basically do not use a comb, where the volume after each hand with a good tidy up on it.