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Black long straight hard to take care for hair can also learn to become young

The girl for hair persistent people may be difficult to understand, after all, the face is beautiful,Care for hair is not good-looking also make people feel very disappointed. Summer hair what shall we do? Take a look at what the experts say. We all know that in general longer hair to care, nutrition is very difficult to reach the roots, what is the reason? The original hair also has its own “age”. For example, a long hair has 5 years left, so hair “age is 5 years old, out of the new long hair is 0 years old. So, your hair is long, the age is bigger. Except the hair’s natural aging outside and it will also affect the health of aging. Don’t think grandma’s hair than their” old “and” young “more than you.


Just a long out of the care for hair health is generally good, in the electron microscope, it is covered with a layer of scaly flake (known as hair), neatly arranged, closed tightly. So the hair can be said to be “young”. Look at the hair, the hair scale began there are scratch marks, then loose, tilt, separated from each other. The more close to the position of the hair cuticle is more obvious, some even completely stripped, let the hair cortex exposed, these “aging” emerge.


And to the care for hair root, hair cuticle completely missing. As our hair surface protection layer, missing after the hair will begin to appear dry, feel rough, dull, or even fracture. Usually, the surface of the hair of healthy young is not charged, and damage to the hair surface treatment of negative charge of aging, it can explain why during the dry season, your hair is always static, because you care enough about it!


If you are now in the weight loss state, found his hair loss is serious, but that’s normal, because of the lack of certain nutrients (zinc, protein etc.) will cause hair loss. Fragile, easily broken, green leafy vegetables, carrots, beans, can enhance the head skin cutin layer, make scalp and care for hair are more health. The hot water will make the cuticle open, shampoo in nutrition before, the cuticle closed all washed away, nutrition is not absorbed. And the hot water will take away a lot of sebum, make hair shiny natural skin cream is you washed away, your hair do not do it?


The swimming pool chlorine with sweat, scalp reaction generate chloramine, let the care for hair becomes yellow, dry, rough. If the hair has these symptoms, you can use the balance of PH products to repair the hair. The hair is regardless of the overheating of the water or wind are very sensitive, will let the hair dry yellow do not say also, hair loss. Even if do not use hot wind blowing, the low hot air can be, in the blowing before can be coated with a little hair conditioner, increase the protection of hair. To say let you put an end to Hair Coloring basic is impossible. But if the dye exaggerated or light colored hair color, hair damage is great. Bleach in the hair to stay longer more likely to burn the scalp, may also cause allergic reactions.