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If you are a man of wide face, you may need cheap hair extensions wig to cover up for your shortcomings.

In this blog, I have written many articles about women’s fashion wigs. In fact, men also need image, so here, I recommend to you three on the man’s wig. With these cheap hair extensions wigs, not only convenient but also handsome.


In the forehead bangs, plus the cheap hair extensions   hair along the side so that the original bangs cohesion, broad cheeks convergence many, become rounded small in winter. If you want to have a face, the men’s long hair is a good choice. Split face long hair, face is the standard model in the graph of the pie face, wide in the cheeks, with long bangs long hair to face as well.


The lower part of the face modification more tapering, with clear lines of fluffy cheap hair extensions hair, looks very elegant and delicate, full of noble feeling. The facial features: the cheekbone to the jaw are very thin, very face feeling. Key: the head of hair side Peng bangs, breaking the fast face smooth feeling.


Wide cheekbones, cheeks plump, chin shorter. Similar to the girl’s BOB hair, smooth straight cheap hair extensions  hair, so that the face around the three-dimensional contours, coupled with the emphasis on the line after the United States