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How to face modification bangs ? How to stay cheap human hair wigs ?

Bangs as the girls face job is an important part of how to achieve the modified face change one effect? For the first time the girl cut bangs, small as we provide the practical reference.Amber Valletta hair in 90s short bangs (about two to three inches) looks a bit edgy. Note that if you are. Not every day or blowing hair, the length is not suitable for you. If your cheap human hair wigs are short to no way around the comb, the fingers down directly on the line. Finally grabbed the dry point wax manufacturers like Joan Jett like texture.


Like any other “accessories”, should be able to highlight your bangs, rather than cover it. For a long face, bang  will make the face look more plump. If the face is round or square face, it is best not to bang eyebrows. If cheap human hair wigs are a heart-shaped face, that the right to decide on you: short bangs, long bangs or arched bangs are very suitable for you.


Every six weeks to do a professional bangs trim, if you want to do it yourself (we strongly not recommended), you must use professional hairdressing scissors on dry hair. A little pruning, cut no more it. Avoid cut into a straight line, the opposite can Liu Haining, the vertical scissors cut out precise lines. The geometry of Qi Liuhai, don’t let Liu Haicheng straight, or the hair is too thick. On the contrary, temples hair should be slightly longer than the middle half inch, showed an inverted U type. As for the most lovable length, from to the middle of May. The eyebrows eyelashes


For people who had never left the bangs, you can start from the other. Can be modified with different shapes, often do not need pruning, other is quite simple: if the cheap human hair wigs are straight and sprayed with water, dry with your fingers on the line. If the curly hair, with a small comb to comb hair down in the opposite direction and dry it. Such as hair after cooling, shifting to the right direction is complete. Roll bangs in the last century in 80s, and recently popular. Like Jennifer Beals in “Flashdance in flashdance> image. The key is to dry hair, natural state. As for other pruning, bang the hair down, with some styling gel. If one day you want straight hair effect, can use hair clip out mini plate.


Small forehead, bangs to long bangs start position best on the point. Both sides of the long, middle short bangs can help hide forehead bangs. The long process, will experience the awkward period of 4-6 weeks. The key is to go to the barber’s regular, let you into the two side of the hair bangs without the need of pruning length, ask the barber to Liu thin, do not appear “explosive” problem. Good hair is another option, Liu Haipian, in the corresponding position above the eyebrows on the card. This may not be more than you think. If some sexy long bangs to cover your eyes, that can be directly to Liu dial pinned to the top of the head, live on the line.

The spring, round face cheap human hair wigs is the best choice for you, discount!

The current has entered the spring and recovery of all things in this season, the girls face how to take care of cheap human hair wigs? I heard the spring round face and hair with the most, hurry to try it.Brown hair color, easy to take care of a hair oblique bangs hair, a sweet smile, elegant temperament and fashion.

It will take care of the hair, as shown in the other. Then the hair braided braided braided cheap human hair wigs, as shown in the diagram.Then two braids intertwined. Then wound into a bun, as shown in the picture. Then one card will be fixed. Finally, choose something you love the hair worn on the head it is suitable for many collocation.

Elliptical face hair, regardless of the length of cheap human hair wigs, can use hair cheekbones, the advantages of the lip or chin. The following is the collocation and duck’s egg face the best and worst hairstyle. Spike effect has been weakened, prominent cheekbones and under Pakistan. Because the ear too much elongated faces visual effect, is not suitable for cutting a duck’s egg face.

In a sense of the level of the long hair is oval face and long face to face the perfect decoration. Duck’s egg people, if the hair is bent, you should choose a big wave in any long hair. A short hair can show various facial features, whether it is ultra short or to chin length. The hair is not very long, but for the thick cheap human hair wigs of people just perfect, and easily at home to take care of. Long hair will play the effect of elongated faces, the invisible influence of beauty. Levels of hairstyle for even beautify the face.