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really ,I think you can try some of these realistic wigs .

Hair, hair is rare indeed let the girls worry about how to make the most suitable hairstyle? Here to tell you the hair less suitable for what kind of cosplay wigs  hairstyle, hair is also small and soft to tell you what to do, the amount of rare girls for hair design. Not much hair of the woman, when the hair will feel very willing to think, cut looks less. Actually no, some other will make hair realistic wigs look rich, do not look at the letter below these little girl head hair. Do other first thought is to let the hair look full, don’t look after the hair is sparse, today few people for hair using small amount of hair looks rich design makes a lot of oh.


The design of a girl is very suitable for thinning hair from the cosplay wigs  hair root side, start small roll, let other Peng, again hair perm design in visual hair can disrupt instantly increased, no shortage of.Tip: that is the daily care need to spend some time. Side oblique bangs collocation on both sides of long hair modified face, realistic wig hair styling instantly let wavy hair fluffy, let the woman completely get rid of a small amount of fat. The feeling on both sides of thin long bangs modified face, then the root with straight hair clips to clamp down, after the overall shape will Peng many hair hot pear can not only increase the amount of fat in the disturbed vision at the same time, can also increase the personality charm.


The little girl hair without fear of Haircut would get cut less, as long as the use of hierarchical pruning plus cosplay wigs  hair perm, can let the other Peng, hair becomes less abundance. Hair girl can shear wave head, the hair trimmed short outer layer, slightly longer, look to Bob a buckle that visual sense, looks more weighty. With a wave head is different with bangs realistic wig and micro volume design, Liu Xiu Yan face, and the hair micro hot design not only increased the bulkiness, will look more personality charm.


Buckle unilateral angel wings on both sides of the long hair bangs collocation can repair face, while the tail trim level design involute plus fluffy hair realistic wig  looks, have increased, and it is naturally not obtrusive. Side  cosplay wigs hair perm in hierarchical pruning and design let the hair looks fluffy, give people the feeling no less hair feeling. Bobo messy hair design can make people ignore the amount of fat, plus the design highlights the more eye-catching, easy to dry. The other woman above are quite suitable for hair little girl, love and meet your style can quickly try.