The spring of the year, dear ones, are you ready to welcome spring with a beautiful short hair wigs hairstyle?

Spring is coming! All things are coming back to life, and we should wake up from the confusion in winter, and greet the most beautiful spring in the four seasons with a new  short hair wigs.


Short hair wigs stylist is refreshing after a catch Peng playful sense of messy, not just a line to the obvious bangs Frank impression, Hair Coloring chocolate vitality, suitable for some of the boys in character, was exquisite and fashionable lovely girls.


The whims of neat short hair wigs in the mushroom head round, also become sweet. This hairstyle is the key design level after pruning, using hair elastic itself to create a full profile of fluffy, but also solve the majority of Asian girls hindbrain flat.


Wavy hair well modified face, but in general long wavy short hair wigs always gives people a sense of maturity, the young MM of it is love and hate. This is a girl taste curls has broken the law, wavy degrees from the ears began to roll, and create a sense of messy yet the level of other products, coupled with the 28 boundary bangs, the hair is very light, give a person the feeling of a young girl, taste Oh.